But… What IS Magick?

Anonymous asks: “What is magic? Is it like a supernatural force that permeates the world?”

I receive this question a lot, naturally – magick is a big mystery, and each experience of it is individual and unique.

It is a big question, and one I can only answer from my own perspective, based on my own experiences and all that I have learned throughout my life.

Many of us who practice the Craft choose to spell magick with a k at the end, so as to separate it from illusion magic.  Our term “magick” refers to ancient knowledge of nature and the inner workings of the Universe.  As I explain in-depth in my book, The Essence of Magick, what lies beneath this physical existence is an intricate web of energy which binds us all together, and connects everything in the Universe.  This has previously not been accepted by traditional science, but today scientists are reaching the same conclusions as those found by spiritual seekers from all over the world throughout the ages.  Quantum physics reveal the shape-shifting qualities of particles, and how they behave differently when observed.  There is a growing theory suggesting that the Universe may be a sort of hologram, conjured up by consciousness and energy.

Humans have five senses with which to make sense of the world and create an orderly, linear experience of life.  On the surface we appear disconnected, limited and small, but in actuality we are divine beings having a human experience, all interconnected and constantly interacting with and affecting each other (even when not physically close).  All that you do affects others, and all that others do affects you – therein lies karma, and the advice of the Wiccan Rede; “What ye send forth comes back to thee.”

Magick is the practice of learning to tune into and alter these energies, to see beyond the physical forms and limitations and realise that we are limitless beings with every possible opportunity at our fingertips, if we only we know how to tap into these innate powers of ours.  When we practice magick we learn that our mind is the greatest tool we will ever have, and that by using it to consciously affect and direct energy, we can fundamentally transform our lives.

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Amaris says hello!

Merry Meet, and a warm welcome to my new blog!

It has now been a couple of years since I started my website, WiccanSpells.info, where I offer advice and spells for anyone who is interested in Wicca and the practice of magick. Since then, the Wiccan Spells group has grown into a widespread, wonderful community of likeminded people from all over the world, who together discuss and enjoy all things witchy and Wiccan.

I receive many questions from people, which first inspired me to write my book, The Essence of Magick: A Wiccan’s Guide to Successful Witchcraft, and which has now further led me to create this blog where I can answer some of the more frequently asked questions, and also more specific questions that I would like to explore and which answers I feel might benefit people.

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Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, “The Little Witch” (1916)