Wiccan tools for the beginner

Derek asks: What are some ingredients that would be most suitable for starting off?

wiccan toolsGetting started with Wicca and magick is a very exciting time.  So exciting, in fact, that many of us easily get carried away with acquiring tools and ingredients to build our very first altar.  There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but we mustn’t forget that our most important tool is our mind.  Any ingredients and accessories we use in magick are charged by our mind, and if your mind isn’t trained and sharpened, then your magick will suffer.  Tools help us enter into the right mindset and keep us focused, which is very helpful during spell casting, but they won’t do the work for us.

So, while you read and learn and practice and gather your supplies, remember that you must begin to train your mind as well.  When you acquire or make a new tool, a great exercise is to cleanse and charge it – a ritual which serves to connect you to the tool and charge it with its magickal purpose (fully explained in my ebook, The Essence of Magick).  Daily meditation will also help you focus your mind and make you more powerful each day that passes.

incenseTo your question, then – what ingredients and tools are good to start with?  I always say, go with your heart.  Each situation is unique, so think about what kind of spells you are most keen to start with.  Is it for love, abundance, well-being?  Look online and you will find lists of the purposes and correspondences of herbs, incenses and gemstones – these are relatively inexpensive and are easy to buy online if not in-store.  They can quickly be charged with your intent and used in many different rituals.  Find gemstones, incenses and herbs which correspond with what purposes you feel most drawn to at this time.

Other easy and useful things are candles (look at colour correspondences online or in my ebook), a cup for holding sacred water or to drink any magickal brews, sea salt for cleansing and protection, and a notebook from which you can create your first Book of Shadows.  You can carve your own wand out of a branch.  Until you find an athame that suits you, you can use your arm to direct energy.

This will give you a good place to start, without costing you too much.  Gather information where you can, meditate, spend time in nature connecting to Mother Earth, and most importantly, play and have fun, and follow your intuition – s/he knows best!

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Why spells backfire

Bea has cast a spell which seems to have backfired on her. She lost a tenant and created a protection jar for the house and future tenant which was meant to absorb negativity and protect the house.  But after the casting, things went downhill, and Bea lost her other tenant and ended up in financial and legal troubles. 

Bea says: “While I chanted the spell I thought about all the negative energy, guilt, etc… and asked for this jar to suck up the bad and lower energies from the past and protect from any future and keep away people with bad energies. MY QUESTION: Did I do something wrong?”

Hi Bea,

When you cast, in order to attract the best results, you should think only about what you want, not what you don’t want.  I understand the theory behind asking the jar to suck up the negative energies, but it sounds like you focused too much on the bad stuff, with fear and worry about the future.  For that kind of spell I would instead suggest that you create a ‘positive energy jar’ or ‘light jar’, which you charge with positivity, joy, good fortune and such.  You could put in it any items that to you represent good fortune, and also gemstones and/or orgonite that promote a happy home, a stable income, etc.  Also colours – the colour blue is good for a peaceful home; green is for a good income, for example.casting spells

While charging it, you focus solely on what kind of tenant you want (i.e. no thoughts towards what you don’t want, or anything bad that has already happened), how you want to feel when you have that tenant living in the house, how good it feels to have enough money, and so on. This visualisation will also help further if it carries on in your mind also after you’ve cast the spell – i.e. whenever you think about the house, remind yourself of that happy image and the feelings you had during the visualisation.

You might want to try it again, if you are able to dig up the jar and start over.  Don’t worry about the spell you cast before or any negativity that would come of it, because your mind is incredibly powerful and can fundamentally affect your life, so just start shifting your focus straightaway towards positive things, any little thing that has actually worked out; anything you can feel thankful for.  And create a good fortune jar if you want to speed things along.

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Voodoo and distance energy

Anonymous asks: Do you know how voodoo dolls work?  Is there some sort of energy connection between the person the doll represents and the doll itself?


For the purposes of this post I am not discussing the Vodou religion, which is an ancient and complex tradition, of which voodoo dolls are but a miniscule aspect. 

Voodoo dolls, as they are usually represented in media, are often used to control or harm other people.  They can also be used for good – remember, wishing harm on someone else will only bring harm on yourself eventually – heed the Wiccan Rede: “What ye send forth comes back to thee.”

To explain how it works – since we are all connected through energy, we can affect another person wherever they are.  I perform distance healing on people in other countries – distance doesn’t matter if you connect through energy, which we can do through our mind.  Quantum physics show that particles can affect each other across vast expanses of space, so science and spiritualists alike are coming to understand that distance doesn’t hinder us in the way that we have previously thought.

When I send healing energy from a distance I simply focus on the person in order to direct the energy their way, but it helps to look at a picture of them in order to keep my mind focused.  Voodoo dolls work in the same manner – when the voodoo worker has associated the doll with a person, the doll then becomes a powerful physical representation of that person, which helps the voodoo worker stay focused on them throughout the ritual.

So the energy connection between the doll and the person is conjured up by the mind of the voodoo worker – to anyone else, the doll wouldn’t have the same connection, because the association wouldn’t be there.  Our minds are powerful tools!

We can use this knowledge to do some good in the world – you don’t have to create a doll (although you can if you want, of course), but you can focus on any person, situation, area, or even country, and send loving energies and intentions their way – and while you’re doing it you’re automatically raising your own vibration, thus inviting more good stuff into your own life – a clear win-win!

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