Below I answer the most common questions I receive – about tools and spells, beginner Wiccans, love magick, Wiccan meetups, and more. Please take a look and see if you find what you seek.

1. Can you cast a spell for me?

No, I don’t cast spells for people – I’m afraid magick doesn’t work that way. I must warn you about online spellcasters – please stay away from anyone who offers to cast you spells for money. They are always a scam.

The intent and shifts that happen during and after a spellcasting, must come from within you in order to have any real effect. All another person can do is send high energy towards helping your own spell along, but the magick must start in you.

You can find spells on my website, and a full “instruction manual” on how to compose and cast spells yourself in my book, The Essence of Magick.

2. Where can I find your spells?

On my spell website you can find all the spells I have available. Find the dropdown menu called ‘Spell Categories’ and find the spell you want.

3. I’m new to Wicca – where do I begin?

These articles contain some basic information about Wicca. See especially the article called How to Become a Witch, where I offer my advice for beginners.

My book, The Essence of Magick, teaches you how to manipulate energies and tap into the forces behind magick. I have been asked countless times to mentor people personally, but since I don’t have that kind of time, this book is my way to reach out to all those who need help and guidance on their path to becoming a powerful witch and fulfilled individual.

4. Love spells

I receive many questions about using magick for love. This is tricky, for two reasons: you must never interfere with another person’s free will; and everything you send out will come back to you. Therefore, you must never use magick to bind a certain person to love you, nor should you ever cause harm through break-up/revenge spells or otherwise wishing hurt upon another.

I have a range of love spells on my site, but they are all constructed in a way that respects the process, as well as the person at whom it may be directed. But as a general rule, love spells work best for healing existing relationships, or attracting non-specific love into your life, increasing your own confidence and inner light, and self-love. The best way to find love is to truly love ourselves.

5. I’m new to this – are there any simple spells I can start with?

Becoming skilled at magick requires time, study, and practice. If you are just starting out, I suggest you try a simple candle spell. Look through this candle colour list, and pick the colour most suitable to your desired outcome. Charge the candle with your intent – hold it in your hands, ask it to help you achieve your intended outcome, and send energy to the candle to help it connect with you and your wishes. Light the candle, and visualise your wish already having come true. Sit in this meditation for at least 15 minutes, really immersing yourself in the feeling of having achieved your desire. Then thank the candle and blow it out.

When you do this, you state and amplify your intent through charging it into the candle, and use the element of fire to help manifest it. Visualisation helps you move closer to the reality of your wish having come true.

You can keep the candle after you’re done, but it has now been charged with this specific type of energy and can therefore only be used for similar spells and meditations in the future. You can also buy small spell candles which are of a convenient single-use size.

6. I’m a beginner – what tools should I get first?

There are no rules to say how you approach your witchcraft. You don’t need any tools at all, so don’t stress – but over time, you will come to acquire tools, whether found in nature, handmade, or bought, and you will slowly build up your altar. Don’t rush it – take the time to enjoy each step, and learn about each tool, how to charge and use it.

You can read about all the Wiccan ritual tools here, and for beginners wondering where to start, take a look at this blog post.

7. What is black magick?

Black magick is magick with harmful intent. Wiccans never practice black magick – we live by one rule, and that is to Harm None. As long as we are not bringing harm upon another being, we are free to live as we choose and do as we wish. This means you are free to forge your own spiritual path, using whatever means and deities you please. There is no dogma or rule book. But the one rule we all follow is, never cause intentional harm.

Black magick is based in darkness and greed, often aimed to harm other people, bring about revenge, or for personal gain at the cost of someone else. Wiccans, however, practice white magick, and if someone has wronged or hurt us, we will use magick only to heal ourselves – never to avenge anyone. Because we know that what we send out comes back to us; and also that the only way to effect true and long-lasting change, is by changing ourselves and our reactions to our surroundings.

8. How do I protect myself from evil entities?

When accessing other realms and planes through spellcraft and meditation, you may want to protect yourself since you are somewhat more open and vulnerable to outside entities. You can do this by casting a Circle of Protection – follow the link for more information and full instructions.

If you feel attacked by a spirit or entity, I recommend this Banishing Spell, which has been reported effective by many.

For more protection spells and tips, download a free copy of my Essential Guide to Magickal Protection.

9. Where can I find other Wiccans to connect with?

There are a few ways to connect with other Wiccans in your area. First, go to Wiccan Meetup and enter your location to see if you have any local Wiccan groups.

Alternatively, you can search online for the name of your town or area, plus “wiccan group coven” or “wiccan meetup” and see if you get any results. You can also look around for spiritual events, talks, meetups, or festivals that may take place near you. Go there and see if you can meet some witchy friends.

If you don’t have any Wiccans near you, a great alternative is Wiccan online forums. There you can join and connect with other witchy individuals and find inspiration and company. See, for example, Wiccan Together and Everything Under the Moon.

Locations of Wiccan meetups – from

10. Do Wiccans worship Satan?

No, we don’t. We don’t even believe in Satan, since he is a Christian construct. If anything, we may view the concept of Satan as darkness and negativity, while ‘God’ represents light and positivity – the two opposing forces existing in the duality of the physical plane.

The Wiccan/pagan pentagram symbolises the Four Elements and Spirit. Satanists use an upside down pentagram to represent their religion, and this has resulted in some confusion. But they are two entirely different practices.

Didn’t find the answer you sought? A large portion of the questions I receive are things that could easily be googled. If you need to find out about certain crystals, herbs, or other spell ingredients, take a look online. Most questions are searchable – even if you are looking for a particular spell, or anything else you want to find or learn. There are thousands of great websites offering information and suggestions. You can also join Wiccan online forums where you can connect and discuss with other Wiccans.

Alternatively, you can contact me on Facebook. Please note, however, that I am only available intermittently, but I will respond as soon as I come online (this could sometimes take a few days or more).