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Magickal ProtectionHow do we protect ourselves from the constant influx of energy coming at us from the outside world?  How do we stay strong and centered in our lives?  How can we protect ourselves from psychic attacks, curses, negative influences and energetic intrusions?

Download my free essential guide to receive tips on how to create protective barriers and remain balanced and strong, no matter what comes at you.  It contains easy-to-understand rituals and meditations, lists of protective crystals and herbs, instructions to create protective talismans and symbols – all you need to stay protected and healthy in order to find your inner strength and power.

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The link will download a ZIP file containing the book in three formats: PDF, MOBI (for Kindles and Kindle apps), and ePUB (for iBooks and other e-readers).

I would love to receive Amazon reviews in return for your free book, if you feel so inclined 🙂

If you enjoy this book, please also see my book The Essence of Magick.  


1. Herbs for Protection
2. Crystals for Protection
3. The Pentagram
4. Quick Protection Methods
5. Casting a Circle of Protection
6. Binding Spell
7. Spell to Ward off a Curse or Psychic Attack
8. A Powerful Protection Spell for your Home
9. Creating a Protection Talisman
10. Finding Your Protection Symbol

Enjoy! 🙂


24 thoughts on “Magickal Protection – Free ebook!

  1. Thank You so much!! This book will be so helpful to me!! Cheers!! =)

  2. Thank you for this book

  3. Thank you Amaris for this book! You have provided me with a Blessing that is beyond measure! May the Gods and Goddesses continue to Bless, Guide and Protect You!

    Blessed Be!

  4. Cheryl McDonald

    Thank you. This could not have come to me at a better time. Blessed

  5. Thanks Amaris – for this gift of light and Vision into the Future with your light.This knowledge has come to me at a time when I needed this wisdom to open my close doors and more. Many Blessing to you may your Spirits and Guides be ever Blessed and bring you more wisdom to continue your good and kind works – Blessings & Light

  6. Patricia Freeman

    Thank-you very much – this is a blessing to a time in need!

    Blessed Be!

  7. Thank you for this free book! I really need something like this.

  8. Hi Amaris, thank you very much for this book. Just finished reading it and find it very informative, useful and helpful. Will be doing the rituals soon. I would gladly pay for this book though coz of the valuable information. Thank you for making it simple and easy to read.

    More power and Blessings.

    Ms. M

  9. Merry meet, I am Kat thank you for the download …i couldn’t find you on amazon,am I not looking it up right?
    Help 🙂

    • Merry Meet, Kat – I am indeed on Amazon. If you search for ‘Amaris Silver Moon’ you should find Magickal Protection and also The Essence of Magick. Blessings to you!

  10. Isn’t god the real light

    • The word ‘god’ covers so much. Everyone sees god differently, within religions and without. All our different and personal versions of god are all just variations of the Light, the Source, or whatever you want to call it. They are all equally worthy of worship.

  11. Thank you for the book. I imagine it will be a great help to me. May the Goddesses and Gods watch over you always.

  12. Hello! I am currently reading your book of Magickal Protection. I am new to studying Wicca, I am worried about a few spells. One of my old friends who was Wicca said to never use black candles and a few of the spells you put in the book requires that. Is it okay to use Black candles? I just want to be safe. Thank you and Blessed Be!


    • Hi Nikki! Welcome to the world of Wicca 🙂 It is perfectly safe to use black candles. Perhaps your friend has heard of someone using them in black magick, having infused them with some harmful purpose – but not so with white magick, and all my spells are perfectly safe. Remember, it’s all about your intent – as long as you don’t send out any ill-will or harm towards any other beings, you’ll be fine 🙂

  13. Hi… I trying to found good spell for good luck.. For New Year can you help me please thank you..

  14. Thank u so much am a strong believer of the universe an love to learn to help my self and others.Am from the caribbean and would love to learn more.

  15. I just downloaded your ebook on “Protection Spells”. So I will read it and then get back at you with a review.
    Thank You,
    Tina V.

  16. Thank You so much for this book. I found it rather helpful and worthy.

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