Protection against threats

Shy Witch by Abril Andrade Griffith

Shy Witch by Abril Andrade Griffit

How to protect yourself against negative energies and outside threats can vary depending on the situation, and it often involves several different techniques to cover all bases.

Today I was contacted by someone asking how to protect themselves from a stalker.  She has a woman following her, damaging her car and giving her evil looks in the store.  I’m sharing my response here in case it can help you too.


I would suggest that you make a little protection sphere around yourself, your home, you husband, and your car. This can be done through the visualisation meditation I describe below, but can be enhanced by creating the following ‘amulet’, if you are able to acquire the ingredients. If not, just do the meditation – either way is fine.


Angelica creates a shield against harmful energy

Protection Amulet: Take a white cloth (or white paper) and wrap it around (a) Angelica Root or Angelica leaves (2) 1 Amethyst, Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian crystal (3) a piece of paper cut out in the shape of a house, with your and your husband’s names written in brown pen – you can also draw your car on here. When you draw/write this, focus wholly on the items and persons you are protecting. Really conjure them up in your mind. Focus is imperative. Also ask the crystals and herb to protect you and yours from harm – this activates their protective energies. Wrap it up and hold it in your hands or keep it in front of you while doing the meditation.

Protection Meditation: Breathe deeply and relax into a meditative state. Invite your spirit guides and any protective spirits to join and assist you in protection. Now imagine your husband, your home, your car, and yourself, all in the room with you. Ask that they all be protected and safe. Then imagine pulling down divine, protective energy from above you – breathe in to pull it into your body, and breathe out to spread the energy into a protective sphere around you. Keep breathing, and visualise this bright ball of divine light surrounding and immersing you and your husband, house and car. Feel it burning like an impenetrable shield. Know that you will be safe; feel it in your heart. Do this for as long as you like – I’d recommend at least 10 minutes. When you’re done, thank the spirits for protecting you, and know that you have this sphere around you at all times. Any time you want, breathe deeply to ‘top it up’ and feel it strengthen around you.

Finally, one powerful trick I would suggest is that you send some love towards this person who is stalking you. She must be troubled and hurt if she is doing this sort of thing, and if you direct fear towards her, you are feeding the negative energy flow and inviting more of her into your life. But if you instead send love towards her, this high-vibe, caring energy can melt her negativity and help her heal, or at least create a shield which simply will not resonate with her energies, and she will naturally drift away from you.  Put your hand over your heart and feel compassion for this confused person, feel your loving heart and direct this love towards her.  Wish her all the best.  It will feel a bit strange at first, but it makes perfect sense.

This Healing Spell will teach you more about sending loving, healing energy to others (or yourself.)

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But… What IS Magick?

Anonymous asks: “What is magic? Is it like a supernatural force that permeates the world?”

I receive this question a lot, naturally – magick is a big mystery, and each experience of it is individual and unique.

It is a big question, and one I can only answer from my own perspective, based on my own experiences and all that I have learned throughout my life.

Many of us who practice the Craft choose to spell magick with a k at the end, so as to separate it from illusion magic.  Our term “magick” refers to ancient knowledge of nature and the inner workings of the Universe.  As I explain in-depth in my book, The Essence of Magick, what lies beneath this physical existence is an intricate web of energy which binds us all together, and connects everything in the Universe.  This has previously not been accepted by traditional science, but today scientists are reaching the same conclusions as those found by spiritual seekers from all over the world throughout the ages.  Quantum physics reveal the shape-shifting qualities of particles, and how they behave differently when observed.  There is a growing theory suggesting that the Universe may be a sort of hologram, conjured up by consciousness and energy.

Humans have five senses with which to make sense of the world and create an orderly, linear experience of life.  On the surface we appear disconnected, limited and small, but in actuality we are divine beings having a human experience, all interconnected and constantly interacting with and affecting each other (even when not physically close).  All that you do affects others, and all that others do affects you – therein lies karma, and the advice of the Wiccan Rede; “What ye send forth comes back to thee.”

Magick is the practice of learning to tune into and alter these energies, to see beyond the physical forms and limitations and realise that we are limitless beings with every possible opportunity at our fingertips, if we only we know how to tap into these innate powers of ours.  When we practice magick we learn that our mind is the greatest tool we will ever have, and that by using it to consciously affect and direct energy, we can fundamentally transform our lives.

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