Healing through journalling

One of the main tools I have used in my life, to get to know myself and to improve my mental and emotional health, is journalling.  People often underestimate the power of writing, but to me it has been the best friend and therapist one could ever ask for.

If you have never journalled before, it may feel daunting to sit down and write about your life.  Many wonder where to start.  But when you sit down in a quiet space and put pen to paper, it usually comes naturally after just a short while.  It’s as easy as starting with “Today I have done…” or “Today I feel…” and see what follows.

healing through journallingIt’s an exciting journey inward and a great way to reach insights about yourself and your life.  By having it in black on white, it becomes clear and concrete.  An issue which before seemed insurmountable, suddenly feels untangled and manageable.

A day of your life is so full of impressions, thoughts, feelings, ideas and problems.  Journalling allows you to take a step back and reflect on all of this – and reflection is essential if we want to learn from our experiences.  In writing, you can examine your thoughts and patterns, and begin to release those you find unhelpful.

It’s also a way to vent.  We all carry suppressed feelings of anger and sadness, feelings that are often difficult to express.  When you write, you can let out all these frustrations without censoring yourself.  It’s important for two reasons – this way you will let out your feelings in a safe space and not risk spilling these onto friends and loved ones, thus harming your relationships; and also, when you vent in writing, you are actually releasing these feelings from your energy field, leaving room for new light to enter.

Since you are writing only to yourself, you can be as honest as you want – and you may surprise yourself.  Honesty leads to insights, and insights lead to change and growth.

Other than daily journalling for pleasure or insight, here are a few other types of journalling for specific purposes.

♥ Journalling to release negative feelings

Sit down somewhere where you feel at ease.  You can light a candle for atmosphere if you wish, or use a specific colour candle for your intended purpose.  Write on paper or on a computer, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Begin to write about the situation you wish to solve.  What is it like, how do you feel about it?  Don’t worry about punctuation, grammar or in any way censoring yourself.  This is to release the rubbish you carry inside you, so just let it all out.  Don’t pause to think, just keep writing.  This is called freewriting or stream-of-consciousness writing.  This is pure venting, and extremely healing.  You may feel that afterwards you want to scream, cry, or punch a pillow.  By all means, do!

After you have done this release, do something nice that brings you peace or comfort – have a bath, a cup of tea, go for a walk, watch a movie; anything.

♥ Journalling to solve a certain situation

Simply write about your situation answering these four questions:

1. What is the situation?
2. How do I feel about the situation?
3. How would I rather feel about the situation?
4. What can I do to change things, so that I will feel that way instead?

♥ Journalling to connect with your Higher Self

Journalling is also a great way to receive clear guidance from your spirit guides and Higher Self.  Write down the questions you have, and then wait for the answer to come.  It may come immediately, and you find that the pen is almost moving of its own accord.  Or it might take a little bit of time and focus, in which case don’t give up, just keep writing until you feel like the answer is coming.healing through journalling

In this type of writing it’s easy to be sceptical, to stop and say, “Well, isn’t it just me writing these things?”  But think of it this way – whether you are channeling your higher beings or just reaching deep into your subconscious to find answers – if the answers are helpful, does it really matter?  Your Higher Self would much rather see you continue this practice with curiosity and joy, rather than questioning the process and doubting yourself.  Play with it, have fun and see what you can learn!


♥ Journalling to converse with your Inner Child

Many of us have some unfinished business with our inner child.  They may need healing or conversation.  You can journal to reach out to him/her, and see what issues may still be affecting your life today, or work on a specific memory which is still hurting.  Try writing with your subdominant hand when writing the voice of your inner child.  See what comes up, and soothe and heal the wounds your inner child bares.

Finally, I’d just like to mention that your journal is a great place to write down your gratitude lists (seriously powerful way to improve your life, I promise!), and also your goals, ideas, and things you’d like to achieve.  Again, by having them transformed from vague ideas in your mind to concrete words on paper, you are giving them power and weight.  This is the first step to success.

I hope you give journalling a go, and see what wonderful things, ideas, and healing may come to you, and the many ways in which it can empower you and change your life.

Until next time,


writing desk



How to slowly improve your life

We all want to create the best possibility reality for ourselves. We live our lives as best we can, making the most of what we have, while naturally and instinctively watching and learning from other people and finding inspiration in their choices. The trap is where we compare ourselves to others and see something we want, but for some reason feel that we can’t have it.

Blue Moon by Leonid Afremov

Blue Moon by Leonid Afremov – View on Etsy

The other day I watched a health vlog by a gorgeous Australian lady who was fiercly advocating activity, raw foods and salads, morning smoothies; the lot. I envied her active lifestyle – living in small-town Australia, with daily walks through beautiful forest paths right on her doorstep, followed by a dip in the ocean on a sandy beach somewhere where the sun always shines – while I’m sitting in a small tenth-floor apartment in a rough area of cold and rainy London.

I thought if only I lived there, I would surely be just as active and healthy all the time!

But then I immediately remembered that we create the circumstances – we can’t wait around for them to happen.  I don’t have to live in sunny Australia in order to live that kind of active lifestyle. I have woods a busride away, beautiful London parks and stunning Thames river walks; and while I can’t just pop down for an ocean swim, I could always go to the local outdoor swimming pool.

That’s when I realised the most important question we have to ask ourselves when we come across something which we long for, something we feel envious over – How can I apply it to my life?

Words carry immense power, and an efficiently and positively posed question will always produce useful answers.

Similarly, a few years ago I was living in an apartment where I had no altar (my previous altar had been in my countryside residence). I kept wishing and wanting, imagining the garden I would have one day where I could build a great, big stone-table altar, and I kept thinking, that’s when it will happen, I just have to wait until that day comes.  But that’s wishful and time-wasting thinking, and one day it hit me that I should just create my altar anyway, just put together what I can, city flat or not. After all, we create our lives HERE AND NOW. So I did, and it’s great! And by having and using my city altar now, I am aligned with the energies of enjoying my altar, thus aligning with a future of having an even better altar.  Change and improvements always happen incrementally, and we have to start somewhere, right?

Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and wishing our circumstances were different, just ask ourselves, how can I bring this into my life, as it stands today?  How can I apply this to my situation?

Anything is possible, if only we are willing to start somewhere.

Blessings, until next time,


Immediate Centering

I talk a lot about centering and the importance of being centered.  When you’re not centered, you have your mind and energy focused outside of yourself and your body – in the past or future, or in someone else’s thoughts and opinions.  It will make you feel anxious, irritable, restless, and easily affected by outside influences.

"Embrace Light" by Light Worker Energy Art

“Embrace Light” by Light Worker Energy Art

The centering exercise in my book, “The Essence of Magick,” requires a little bit of time and focus, but what if you are out in public and suddenly feel yourself becoming anxious or stressed, and you need to center yourself immediately?

One day I was out walking, and suddenly an embarrassing memory popped into my head, and my stomach automatically turned to knots and I began hunching and feeling uncomfortable.

Then I remembered that, if a thought makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t have to think about it!  So I just said to myself, “I’m right here.”  It brought me straight back into the present, into my body and my mind, and everything old and negative quickly retreated.

The power of those three words startled me, and I began using them frequently, whenever I felt outside myself, anxious about something, worrying about pleasing other people, etc.  “I’m right here.”  It sucks me back into the present moment, and in the present, there is nothing that can’t be dealt with.

If you’re ever feeling on edge, worrying about something, focusing on something outside of your immediate surroundings which is bringing you discomfort, just say those three words – “I’m right here” – and feel your mind and soul uniting immediately in your body; present and at peace.

I just wanted to share that with you all, and I hope it will help you as much as it has me!

Love & blessings,


Voodoo and distance energy

Anonymous asks: Do you know how voodoo dolls work?  Is there some sort of energy connection between the person the doll represents and the doll itself?


For the purposes of this post I am not discussing the Vodou religion, which is an ancient and complex tradition, of which voodoo dolls are but a miniscule aspect. 

Voodoo dolls, as they are usually represented in media, are often used to control or harm other people.  They can also be used for good – remember, wishing harm on someone else will only bring harm on yourself eventually – heed the Wiccan Rede: “What ye send forth comes back to thee.”

To explain how it works – since we are all connected through energy, we can affect another person wherever they are.  I perform distance healing on people in other countries – distance doesn’t matter if you connect through energy, which we can do through our mind.  Quantum physics show that particles can affect each other across vast expanses of space, so science and spiritualists alike are coming to understand that distance doesn’t hinder us in the way that we have previously thought.

When I send healing energy from a distance I simply focus on the person in order to direct the energy their way, but it helps to look at a picture of them in order to keep my mind focused.  Voodoo dolls work in the same manner – when the voodoo worker has associated the doll with a person, the doll then becomes a powerful physical representation of that person, which helps the voodoo worker stay focused on them throughout the ritual.

So the energy connection between the doll and the person is conjured up by the mind of the voodoo worker – to anyone else, the doll wouldn’t have the same connection, because the association wouldn’t be there.  Our minds are powerful tools!

We can use this knowledge to do some good in the world – you don’t have to create a doll (although you can if you want, of course), but you can focus on any person, situation, area, or even country, and send loving energies and intentions their way – and while you’re doing it you’re automatically raising your own vibration, thus inviting more good stuff into your own life – a clear win-win!

Until next time,


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