What can we do about people who do ‘evil’?

Dear Amaris, I have a social media account where I’ve come across a person who posts about killing cats, saying that he kills cats and will continue to do so. What should I do? Karma spell? Hex? Curse? What he is doing is wrong, and horrible.

No, don’t hex or curse. Karma will take its own course. If you wish harm upon anyone (particularly during a spell-casting), that harmful energy will come back to you threefold.

There will always be horrible people doing horrible things in this world – it’s part of the full spectrum we live in. We will never be able to stop all the wars and ‘punish’ all those who do ‘wrong’.

The healing power of acceptance

One thing you can do is to meditate on the diversity of this world, how everything good must have an opposite and vice versa. Contemplate why you think there is greed and ‘evil’ in this world, and why you think there must be something of everything, why everything good must have an opposite and vice versa. What good can come of the bad? What bad can come of the good, and what, in turn, can that lead to? This will help you understand and accept how things are, and realise that some things we have no control over. Our personal challenge is to find peace within ourselves, despite all those horrible things that happen outside of our control.

So how can we help?

This person who posted about killing cats, he may even be lying, just posting stuff to get attention. But if he is indeed killing cats, then he is carrying some unhealed wound. No one who is whole and peaceful would do such things. So if you really want to stop him, I would send him plenty of loving, healing energy such as described in this Healing Spell.

Send this energy to him and wish him all the best, stating to the universe and to his soul that you wish for him to heal for his highest good, and to not wish harm upon another being. But if you do send this energy, it can only be done after you have accepted that he is not doing it from ‘evil’ intent. If you still feel angry and upset, you can’t send him the loving energy that is necessary. If you find yourself still harbouring resentment and anger towards him, you must first get this out, through EFT tapping or anger releases (google these for info and instructions), or through the type of meditation described above. We must first heal ourselves, before we can heal others.

We can’t change people or circumstances, only our reactions to them. And when we change our reactions, often we find that the circumstances change as a result. Change starts within us.



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