Why spells backfire

Bea has cast a spell which seems to have backfired on her. She lost a tenant and created a protection jar for the house and future tenant which was meant to absorb negativity and protect the house.  But after the casting, things went downhill, and Bea lost her other tenant and ended up in financial and legal troubles. 

Bea says: “While I chanted the spell I thought about all the negative energy, guilt, etc… and asked for this jar to suck up the bad and lower energies from the past and protect from any future and keep away people with bad energies. MY QUESTION: Did I do something wrong?”

Hi Bea,

When you cast, in order to attract the best results, you should think only about what you want, not what you don’t want.  I understand the theory behind asking the jar to suck up the negative energies, but it sounds like you focused too much on the bad stuff, with fear and worry about the future.  For that kind of spell I would instead suggest that you create a ‘positive energy jar’ or ‘light jar’, which you charge with positivity, joy, good fortune and such.  You could put in it any items that to you represent good fortune, and also gemstones and/or orgonite that promote a happy home, a stable income, etc.  Also colours – the colour blue is good for a peaceful home; green is for a good income, for example.casting spells

While charging it, you focus solely on what kind of tenant you want (i.e. no thoughts towards what you don’t want, or anything bad that has already happened), how you want to feel when you have that tenant living in the house, how good it feels to have enough money, and so on. This visualisation will also help further if it carries on in your mind also after you’ve cast the spell – i.e. whenever you think about the house, remind yourself of that happy image and the feelings you had during the visualisation.

You might want to try it again, if you are able to dig up the jar and start over.  Don’t worry about the spell you cast before or any negativity that would come of it, because your mind is incredibly powerful and can fundamentally affect your life, so just start shifting your focus straightaway towards positive things, any little thing that has actually worked out; anything you can feel thankful for.  And create a good fortune jar if you want to speed things along.

Blessed Be,




5 thoughts on “Why spells backfire

  1. Thank you for those few but very good protection spells in a time of sudden need it saved me from two evil spirits if not demons that had possessed my sisters which worked well. I will be using those today again jist before the exorcism and banishing of these ghosts, evil spirits or demons today and would apprecoate some pointers if you can if not Itll be done wither way, I have been possessed as well and got rid of it so either way balance must be achieved!!!


  2. you mention creating a good fortune jar, or positive energy jar…can you give me details on how to go about casting such a spell?

    • Hi Jane!

      I have explained a bit about it in the post – you basically take a jar, maybe choose a pretty one that you like, and then fill it with stuff relating to what you wish for. If you don’t have any particular wishes, but rather just want love and light in your life, then you could place in the jar, for example, a rose quartz for love and peace, a clover or acorn (or both) for good luck, an aloe leaf for peaceful energy… These are just examples – search online and you will find herbal and crystal correspondences, and you can pick out the ones you like the most!

      You can also place small personal items in your jar, which remind you of what you desire, or which just make you feel good 🙂 Then you can bless it by holding it in your hand, and send love to it. Call upon your spirit guides to help you, and state to the Universe what your desired outcome is with this jar. Feel your heart opening up and spilling loving energy into the jar. Then close the lid and keep it somewhere safe – maybe near a plant or tree which will help feed it peaceful energy.

      Good luck! 😉

  3. I’ve recently done a love spell and I’m half way through the 28 days in which I thought something may have happened, things seem to have gone quite and I’m wondering why or what I may have done wrong. Please could u advise me

    • Hi Lorraine ~ it’s very difficult for an outsider with no details or information to know what might have gone wrong. Spells never come with a guarantee, but if cast correctly they will always bring us some sort of positive result or onto a higher life path – we must remain open-minded and trusting, while staying focused on our desired outcome. But there are so many factors involved, especially in love spells which are very tricky and very personal. My main pieces of advice would be:

      1) Focus on ‘want’ and ‘love’ rather than ‘need’ – needing will block the energies, so go inside yourself and see if you carry any fear, worry or need – if you do, maybe journal about them or release them through meditation or EFT, just as examples.

      2) Stay clear-headed, focused and positive while casting, and also afterwards.

      3) After casting, keep visualising your desired outcome – maybe create a symbol in your mind which represents your wish, and a few times a day, bring up that symbol in your mind to keep aligning with the reality of your wish.

      4) Relax and trust the process – i.e. don’t rush things, know that the Universe “works in mysterious ways” as they say – perhaps now is not the right time in your life, etc.

      5) In the time after casting the spell, relax and enjoy yourself, because the magick energies can work a lot faster if you are in a higher state of being, i.e. happy, relaxed, trusting, doing things you enjoy and keeping your mind off of ‘when is it going to happen / did I do it right’ and such.

      Also, it’s important when we cast love spells that we clearly state to ourselves and the Universe that we do not want to interfere with any person’s free will, and so I always add the words “for the highest good” in any spell or incantation – and if you are indeed focusing on a specific person, then I highly recommend that you add words like “if we are meant to be” or “if this person is willing to come into my life / be my lover” and then add your wishes/incantations after that.

      I hope this all makes sense and that you gained some clarity from it.

      Warm wishes,

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