Wiccan tools for the beginner

Derek asks: What are some ingredients that would be most suitable for starting off?

wiccan toolsGetting started with Wicca and magick is a very exciting time.  So exciting, in fact, that many of us easily get carried away with acquiring tools and ingredients to build our very first altar.  There is nothing wrong with that, of course, but we mustn’t forget that our most important tool is our mind.  Any ingredients and accessories we use in magick are charged by our mind, and if your mind isn’t trained and sharpened, then your magick will suffer.  Tools help us enter into the right mindset and keep us focused, which is very helpful during spell casting, but they won’t do the work for us.

So, while you read and learn and practice and gather your supplies, remember that you must begin to train your mind as well.  When you acquire or make a new tool, a great exercise is to cleanse and charge it – a ritual which serves to connect you to the tool and charge it with its magickal purpose (fully explained in my ebook, The Essence of Magick).  Daily meditation will also help you focus your mind and make you more powerful each day that passes.

incenseTo your question, then – what ingredients and tools are good to start with?  I always say, go with your heart.  Each situation is unique, so think about what kind of spells you are most keen to start with.  Is it for love, abundance, well-being?  Look online and you will find lists of the purposes and correspondences of herbs, incenses and gemstones – these are relatively inexpensive and are easy to buy online if not in-store.  They can quickly be charged with your intent and used in many different rituals.  Find gemstones, incenses and herbs which correspond with what purposes you feel most drawn to at this time.

Other easy and useful things are candles (look at colour correspondences online or in my ebook), a cup for holding sacred water or to drink any magickal brews, sea salt for cleansing and protection, and a notebook from which you can create your first Book of Shadows.  You can carve your own wand out of a branch.  Until you find an athame that suits you, you can use your arm to direct energy.

This will give you a good place to start, without costing you too much.  Gather information where you can, meditate, spend time in nature connecting to Mother Earth, and most importantly, play and have fun, and follow your intuition – s/he knows best!

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  1. My friends and I are at a very strict boarding school that does not allow much… We have been reading your website and blogs and we are very interested! (There are roughly 5 of us). We were wondering how important.. lets say.. candles are, since we have no acess to flame. Yet we have so much free time here to learn about Wicca… Besides meditation, do you have any other recomendations? Please email me!

    • You don’t actually *need* any tools or ingredients, candles, or anything like that if you can’t get hold of it. The main tool is your mind. If you can’t get hold of a candle, then you can visualise it. If you can really picture/feel the candle in front of you (especially if you all do it together!) then you will align with the same vibration/energy as the candle would have provided, had it been there. Research visualisation online and sharpen your imagination.

      A fun exercise would be for the five of you to work together to visualise certain things (such as a candle, a sacred symbol, etc), or try to access higher planes of existence together (for example, you can all focus on meditating into your 10th chakra, which sits about 3 feet above your head, and which is your connection to the higher spirit world and your higher selves).

      I also have an article for Wicca beginners here: http://wiccanspells.info/learn-wicca-basics/get-started/

      Good luck and enjoy! (And be careful not to get in trouble with your school!)

  2. unfortunately the only shop we had around here was closed down. Do you know of any good sites with a decent sized selection that also has decent prices. I have two children so as you can imagine I dont really have a lot of money.

    • Hi Sophia,

      When I need a new tool, I usually visualise it for a while, and let it come to me naturally. When I needed a wand, I thought about it and ‘created’ and shaped it in my mind, and one day I found the most beautiful piece of driftwood when I was cleaning our local riverbed. It was perfect. Same when I needed a goblet, a few weeks later I found two beautiful old copper goblets in a second-hand shop, for hardly any cost at all. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, and if you get a bit creative, you’ll find you can use a lot of household items or thrift store trinkets, and plenty of things you can find in nature, too.

      Of course, you don’t *need* tools – your main tool is your mind, and if you don’t have any physical tools at all, you can still go all the way with visualisation, meditation and prayer/incantations.

      I often also look online if there is something specific I need – on Etsy you can find beautiful handmade items, and there are plenty of online witchy stores where you can find pretty much anything.

      I hope this helps – wishing you all the best.


  3. Hello!
    My name is Tatum. I’m 13 years old and I’m just now getting involved in Wicca. What are some ways you made your “diy” tools? My mom is Christian and wouldn’t be very supportive if I asked her if I could get things for spells. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Tatum! First of all, here is a more comprehensive list of the various tools Wiccans and witches use.

      In my book, The Essence of Magick, I list the following suggestions for a cheap, DIY altar and tools:

      • Any regular desk or table will serve the purpose.
      • A wine crate turned upside down makes a great little sitting altar – and you can store your tools inside it.
      • For an outdoor altar, if you find a wooden board you can place it on rocks, bricks, or tree stumps.
      • Failing all else, using nature’s own resources is very rewarding. Simply place your tools and other items directly onto on a tree stump, a bit of flat rock, or on the ground.

      • Letter openers, preferably straight and double-edged.
      • Metal is a powerful energy transmitter, so a piece of thick metal wire would do the trick.
      • A standard metal nail file can also be used for this purpose.
      • Some witches like to simply extend their arm and direct the energy through it.

      • You can use any knife with a white handle for this purpose – look in kitchenware or second hand stores. If you want to make it extra special for your ritual purposes, you can decorate it by gluing small crystals onto it, wrapping beads around it, or carving runes or other symbols into it.

      • You can source a beautiful wand from Mother Nature – you can either leave the bark on if you prefer a more earthy, natural-looking wand, or you can peel of the bark and carve patterns in it, wrap it in coloured string or ribbon, glue beads and crystals to it – let your imagination run wild!
      • For a quick and simple solution – use a chopstick! If you want to decorate it, again you can wrap string or ribbon around it, and for that extra magick effect, glue a small crystal to its tip.

      • Any glass or cup can be used for this.
      • Sometimes in flea markets and thrift stores you can find old beautiful chalices, but if you’re not that lucky, you can also use a wine glass. If you want, you can use some glass paint to decorate it, perhaps with a pentagram.

      • If you plan on using your cauldron for brewing herbs and potions, then you can use a cast iron pot (or any saucepan) in your kitchen. If, however, you want a cauldron mainly for a ritual bowl or a fireproof dish, then any porcelain kitchen bowl, metal bowl, or even ashtray will work fine.

      • It is always fun to make a traditional homemade broom, using a thick branch or stick for a handle and thin branches such as birch tree ends wrapped and wound around it.
      • Any regular broom or sweep will do the trick.
      • Cleaning dusters are very satisfying for sweeping the air clean of energies.
      • Go out into nature and find some feathers, and tie them together for a great energy sweep.

      Goddess and God symbols
      • A common one is to have two candles – silver for the Goddess and gold for the God.
      • Little figurines or small statues you may come across that you feel represent the deities. You can also make your own figurines out of clay or Fimo, or natural craft materials such as rocks, twigs and pinecones.
      • You can use artwork and place it on or above your altar, perhaps framed. Make your own or print pictures from the internet.

      Offering dish
      • Use any dish or plate – you may find a beautiful one in a flea market or yard sale, or look in your grandmother’s attic for old china she no longer uses. It is also rewarding to buy a plain plate or bowl and decorate it yourself with glass/porcelain paints.

      Finally, to represent the Four Elements, you can use any candle for fire, feathers for air, stones and soil for earth, and a cup or bowl of water. Nature provides us with a lot of wonderful bits and trinkets, and it’s all free! Just make sure you say thanks for everything you take.

      I hope this will give you some ideas. The key thing to remember is that your mind, focus, and energy are your main tools. If you don’t have a blue candle, for example, then you can visualise one instead, or draw a picture of it. It’s all about connecting to that specific energy and mindset. Meditating for a still, focused mind, and visualising for a vivid imagination, are two great skills to develop.

      Good luck, and best wishes for your Wiccan journey!

  4. For Chistmas I recently got the Elder Wand from the Harry Potter series. Will that work for my wand in the world of Wicca? I’m just curious because I am just starting out.

    • Any piece of wood can be used as a wand – it doesn’t matter where it comes from or what it looks like; it’s what you do with it, how you feel about it, and how you use it that makes a difference. So yes, it will work just fine 🙂 It’s beautiful too, which doesn’t hurt! 🙂

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